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Skyfall Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Bond is in Macau. It's a city in China.
  • The agent who shot Bond—she still doesn't have a name—offers him some "room service."
  • It's not the service women usually offer Bond in hotel rooms: this woman tells him that the list has been decrypted, and identities will be exposed every week.
  • The agent's official directive is to help "in any way I can."
  • Bond wonders if the woman is there to spy for Mallory.
  • To prove he can trust her, Bond has the agent shave him with a flat razor.
  • The agent doesn't slit his throat, so maybe she's not a spy. Although it would be awfully hard to spy on the man if he were dead.
  • Clean-shaven, Bond rides a gondola to a beautiful Chinese casino.
  • Nameless agent is there to help Bond case the joint. They communicate over secret wireless earpieces.
  • At the counter, Bond cashes in Patrice's secret poker chip, which earns him a gigantic case of cold, hard cash.
  • The woman Bond saw in Shanghai approaches him and introduces herself as Severine.
  • At the bar, Severine asks Bond if he killed Patrice. Yep. He did.
  • Bond says he wants to meet Severine's employer, and she tells him to be careful what he wishes for.
  • Clearly frightened, Severine tries to leave, but Bond stops her.
  • Bond tells Severine that he believes she is being controlled, not protected, by her bodyguards. He offers to kill her boss.
  • Severine says that her guards will kill Bond when he leaves, but if he survives, he can find her on a boat in the harbor.
  • Off Severine goes. Let the fight begin.

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