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Skyfall Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Bond raises a glass to toast the men who will try to kill him.
  • As Bond makes his exit, the guards, predictably, stop him.
  • Bond handily dispatches the guards with his briefcase, which must be made of steel.
  • But one guard dumps Bond into a pit of Komodo dragons. Bond and the last guard standing fight.
  • The guard takes Bond's gun but cannot fire it because of the handprint technology.
  • The Komodo dragon pulls the man into the depths of his cavern, and Bond does his best Pitfall Harry impression, bouncing off another dragon and hauling himself back into the casino.
  • Another guard tries to shoot Bond, but the unnamed agent disarms him, saving Bond's life.
  • In the harbor, Bond surprises Severine on her boat. It has its own shower, which the two make quite steamy.

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