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Skyfall Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • M watches in horror as a video of one of her agents being captured and assassinated airs on TV.
  • Mallory argues that they can't keep operating in the shadows, because there are no more shadows.
  • But M counters that the bad guy doing this is from the same place as Bond: the shadows.
  • Right now, though, Bond is aboard Severine's boat in broad daylight.
  • As the boat heads for the bad guy's island, Bond triggers the radio transmitter to broadcast his location to MI6.
  • The secret island has an entire deserted city on it.
  • The bad guy took the island by making the citizens think there was a chemical leak, and they evacuated.
  • Bond is escorted into a makeshift server room, where he finally meets the Big Bad. He's a former agent, stationed in Hong Kong, who says he used to be M's favorite.
  • Big Bad blames M for making them all into what they are today—killers.
  • Big Bad also accuses M of lying, and he has Bond's medical, physical, and psychological evaluation results as proof of her lies. Bond failed them all, even though she said he passed.
  • With Bond tied to a chair, the Big Bad unbuttons Bond's shirt and caresses his chest, his neck, and his thighs.
  • It's not quite as steamy as the shower business with Severine, but beggars can't be choosers.
  • Silva releases Bond and tells him that here, on his island, they can do whatever missions they want, without having a crusty old woman telling them what to do.
  • Outside, the Big Bad tells Bond that there is nothing superfluous in his life. When something is redundant, it is eliminated.
  • Speaking of redundant, Big Bad has Severine tied to the remains of a crumbled statue. He balances a shot glass of liquor on her head and challenges Bond to redeem his marksmanship score.
  • Bond aims the gun, but he hesitates. The Big Bad wonders if 007 is really dead.
  • Bond fires and misses. At least he doesn't hit Severine.
  • The Baddie takes his shot and kills Severine. "I win," he says.
  • With perfect timing, Bond manages to turn the tables and kill all the thugs just as MI6's helicopters arrive to take the bad guy into custody. 007 has still got it.

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