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Skyfall Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • In MI6's subterranean lair, M prepares to interrogate the bad guy, who is being held like Hannibal Lecter in a big glass box.
  • Bad Guy is angry at M because he was tortured for five months. He protected her secrets, but she disavowed all knowledge of him. He feels betrayed by her.
  • With no way out, Bad Guy used the cyanide capsule in his tooth. But like Bond falling off a bridge, he didn't die. He took this as a sign—to look into M's eyes one last time.
  • M tells the Bad Guy that he—Mr. Silva is his name—will be transferred to Belmarsh Prison.
  • Silva channels Beyoncé to ask M to say his name say his name.
  • M won't say it again. She tells Silva that his name was on the memorial wall at MI6 headquarters, which he almost blew up. Oops.
  • M will have the name struck off, and no one will remember Silva. Ever.
  • Don't mess with M.
  • Before M leaves, Silva shows her what hydrogen cyanide does to a person. He removes his teeth, which are connected to large plate supporting his face. All his skin sinks in, making him look like Sloth from The Goonies.
  • "Look upon your work, mother," Silva taunts M.
  • M leaves. In the hallway, M tells Bond that the man's real name is Tiago Rodriguez.
  • Beyond her orders, he began hacking into the Chinese, so she willfully gave him up in exchange for six agents who had been taken hostage.
  • As we said, don't mess with M.

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