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Skyfall Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Q attempts to analyze Silva's computer.
  • Thankfully, Q invented the security protocols Silva has used to protect his data.
  • A lot of Hollywood hacking takes place while M attends a national security hearing.
  • The council blames M for the security breaches and dead agents.
  • Bond spots the word "Granborough," the name of an old tube line, in Silva's code.
  • Q types it in and is greeted with a map of subterranean London. Which, you might remember, is where MI6 is now located.
  • By typing that in, Bond and Q have let Silva into their system, which is now entirely exposed.
  • Bond races to Silva's holding cell, but he has already escaped.
  • Bond follows Silva into a deep vertical tunnel.
  • Led by Q, Bond chases Silva into a Tube tunnel.
  • Q believes this is all part of Silva's plan, but what could his next step be?
  • Stuck in the tunnel, Bond struggles to get a door open as a train approaches. He makes it through just in time.
  • Silva, who no one bats an eye at even though he is dressed in a prison jumpsuit, makes his way through the London Underground, where he picks up a mysterious package.
  • Using London's Big Brother-type surveillance system, Q spots Silva, disguised as a policeman, on the train.
  • Q is a little late telling Bond Silva's whereabouts, forcing Bond to jump onto a moving train.
  • At least there's only one way to go on a train—toward the front.
  • Bond is afraid that Silva is going for M.
  • Q informs Tanner, who tells M they need to get her to a secure location.
  • M refuses the leave the hearing, as that will make her look even weaker.
  • Silva spots Bond and makes a run for it at the next stop.
  • Bond follows on foot, sliding down the banister of an escalator.
  • Bond has a better dismount, gaining ground on Silva, but he loses him in a crowd of real police officers.
  • Silva slips away through a service door, but he doesn't close it. Rude. And that gives away his whereabouts to Bond.
  • Bond opens fire on Silva in the service tunnel, but his aim still stinks.
  • Silva triggers a bomb, which blows a hole in the tunnel, a hole that causes an entire subway train to go off the tracks and almost crash into Bond.
  • Rush hour is going to be a nightmare this afternoon.

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