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Skyfall Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Bond and M switch vehicles to a vintage car. A silver 1965 Aston Martin DB5 to be precise, and Bond fans are always precise.
  • Bond says he's taking M "back in time," where they'll have the advantage.
  • Back at headquarters, Q lays a trail for Silva to follow.
  • But someone else sees the signal: Mallory.
  • Q fears they've been exposed, but Mallory is actually down with the plan and willing to keep it from the Prime Minister. Keep Calm and Carry On Hacking.
  • On the road, Bond makes a pit stop on a foggy, isolated, rural road in northern Scotland. It's where he grew up.
  • But they can't stay long. As Bond says, "Storm's coming."
  • Bond takes everyone to a foreboding country manor. It's Bond's family home. And a grizzled old man still lives there.
  • Bond introduces M to Kincaid, the gamekeeper.
  • Bond tells Kincaid that men will arrive to kill them, but he has a plan: to kill them first.
  • Unfortunately, that's going to be a little hard, because everything was sold when Bond was presumed dead.
  • All that's left is one hunting rifle and a few sticks of dynamite.
  • Our heroes aren't going down without a bang or two.

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