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Skyfall Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Kincaid accompanies Bond to practice his shooting.
  • Looks like Bond's eye is back: he's a perfect shot at target practice.
  • Inside the drafty manor, M stares out the window with worried eyes.
  • Kincaid shows M the priest's hole, with a tunnel that leads away from the estate.
  • Bond, Kincaid, and M get busy creating a series of traps for Silva and his men, as if they're in an R-rated version of Home Alone.
  • As they wait for the siege to begin, M asks out loud if she "f***ed this up."
  • Bond says no. But he does think M effed up his obituary.
  • Then the dogs bark. The showdown is beginning.
  • Over a dozen men descend on the house. 3 vs. 13 doesn't seem like a fair fight, especially when two of the three are over sixty years old.
  • The old fogeys have more than a few tricks up their sleeves, handily dispatching their attackers and picking up their guns for more firepower.
  • After one fierce gunfight, Bond worries that M has been hit, but she assures him that she is fine.
  • With the men dead, Bond strips their masks off, but he doesn't find Silva.
  • Silva, naturally, has to make a grand entrance—in a helicopter blaring classic rock.
  • Bond and the helicopter exchange fire. Not a fair exchange, if you ask us.
  • Bond orders Kincaid and M to flee through the priest's tunnel to the chapel.
  • Bond stays behind to play dueling rifles with Silva, who has exited his helicopter, escorted by at least a dozen more men.
  • Silva chucks grenades into the house, almost blowing Bond to little Bondlets.
  • Bond's stirred, but not shaken.

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