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Skyfall Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • Going to the chapel, Silva passes the gravestones of Bond's parents.
  • Inside, he finds M and Kincaid.
  • It turns out that M is injured. Silva is angry, because he didn't want his men to touch her. He wants to kill her himself.
  • Actually, Silva wants M and himself both to die. He gives M his gun, puts his head next to hers, and asks her to pull the trigger, killing them both with the same bullet.
  • Before M can act, Bond throws a knife into Silva's back.
  • Silva falls to the ground, and before he dies, Bond says, "Last rat standing."
  • Mama rat, however, is mortally wounded, and M collapses into Bond's arms.
  • M looks at him, says, "I did get one thing right," and then dies in his arms.
  • And we have no idea what happens for the rest of the movie because we're crying so much. Even Bond is crying.

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