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Skyfall Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • After a lengthy pause, we dry our eyes and resume the movie.
  • Bond looks out over London on a gray day—i.e., any day in London.
  • The agent who shot Bond at the beginning of the movie—and still doesn't have a name—meets him on the roof.
  • The agent says she declined going back on active service. Fieldwork isn't for her. Instead, she'll be backing Bond up.
  • Nameless agent presents Bond with a box from M.
  • Inside is the ugly dog figure M kept on her desk. Bond smirks at the cheeky gift.
  • Back indoors, Bond finally asks the agent her name.
  • Eve. Eve Moneypenny.
  • That sounds familiar...
  • Bond also meets the new M: Mallory. At least he didn't have to change his initial.
  • Mallory puts a Top Secret file on the desk and asks Bond if he's ready to get back to work.
  • Does Mallory even have to ask?
  • The end.

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