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Skyfall Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • While M's office and career are literally going up in flames, Bond is having a steamy encounter with a dark-haired woman near a tropical beach.
  • Is that what a man has to do to get a vacation? Fall off a train and almost die?
  • Bond takes a late-night stroll on the beach, in shoes, surely getting them filled with wet sand. Did he forget to pack flip-flops when he died?
  • At a beachside bar, Bond performs a trick in front of a crowd. He drinks an entire glass of whiskey, with a deadly scorpion perched on his hand.
  • The next morning, Bond appears to be suffering from a hangover. Perhaps a little Tail of the Scorpion That Stung Him would help?
  • On the TV, Wolf Blitzer informs Bond of a terrorist bombing at the British Secret Service. In short, CNN gives 007 the 411 on the TNT at the BSS.

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