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Skyfall Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Back in London, M stands solemnly over the coffins of agents killed in the explosion. She swears to find whoever committed the heinous act.
  • That night, M finds a drunken hobo in her home.
  • Oh, wait: it's Bond. He's mad that M ordered the agent to take the shot that almost killed him.
  • Bond agrees to put his anger aside because MI6 is under attack.
  • M says he can return to duty after he's cleared for service. And maybe he should take a shower.
  • M informs Bond that he can't go home to shower, though: she sold his flat. Standard procedure for a dead agent. "You should have called," she quips.
  • Let's hope Bond doesn't have trouble finding a new place. Real estate in London is insane.

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