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Skyfall Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Bond is filled in on the terrorist attack by M's assistant, Tanner, who takes Bond to MI6's new secret location.
  • It's in one of Churchill's secret underground bunkers.
  • They've done a bang-up job sprucing the place up, though. Looks nice. Good lighting.
  • Bond undergoes a series of physical tests while Tanner continues to debrief him.
  • There are also shooting challenges and a psych eval.
  • During word association, Bond pulls out some intriguing pairs like "M" and "b****" and "murder" and "employment."
  • When asked about Skyfall, Bond refuses to respond. Must not be an Adele fan. Or he has serious issues with Chicken Little.
  • Later, Bond uses a knife to cut shrapnel from his own skin.
  • Bond gives the shrapnel to Tanner for analysis. What could it be? The last scraps of his dignity?

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