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Skyfall Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Bond is visited by the agent who shot him.
  • The agent apologizes, and Bond accepts. How much do you want to bet that it helps her apology that she is hot?
  • The agent informs Bond that she's been temporarily removed from the field for killing him. Oops.
  • Bond meets with M and Mallory in M's new makeshift office.
  • Bond passed his tests. Hoorah. He's back on active service.
  • Mallory wants to know why Bond didn't stay dead and live a life of luxury on a beach somewhere?
  • Bond doesn't appreciate the insinuation that he's too long in the tooth for the job.
  • M defends Bond, and Mallory accuses her of being "sentimental" about Bond.
  • Mallory has only one piece of advice for Bond: "Don't cock it up."
  • Bond leaves, and Tanner reveals that the shrapnel is military-grade uranium. Is that radioactive? Will Bond grow a third arm?
  • The material is traceable to the bad guy from the train, whose name is allegedly Patrice.
  • Intel says Patrice'll be in Shanghai in two days.
  • Bond has 48 hours to prepare, track this guy down, and recover the hard drive.
  • When Bond leaves, Tanner says he's surprised Bond passed the tests.
  • M lets him know, "He didn't." Gasp.

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