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Skyfall Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • In Shanghai, Bond pretends to be the fanciest-looking Uber driver ever, and he follows Patrice from the airport.
  • Bond watches Patrice enter a fancy building, where the man shoots the security guard. Um, anyone could have seen that. This guy is brazen.
  • Bond follows the trail of bodies to an elevator, which he hangs onto as it ascends many, many floors. Couldn't wait for the next one, Bond?
  • The elevator goes up more floors than Bond expected. He starts to lose his grip. Should have done more pull-ups, 007.
  • Thankfully, Bond makes it to the top of the building, where he continues to follow Patrice.
  • On the top floor, Patrice sets up a sniper rifle and takes aim at a building across the street.
  • Bond, who you'd never want to be your bodyguard, waits until Patrice shoots a man before attacking him.
  • Bond dangles Patrice off the edge of the building and demands to know, "Who's got the list?"
  • Patrice, who doesn't know how poor Bond's upper body strength has gotten, doesn't answer before slipping out of Bond's grip.
  • When Bond looks across the street, a woman who was in the room with the assassinated man spots him.
  • Bond, who has never once been disturbed by a beautiful woman looking at him, doesn't seem bothered by being spotted.
  • Bond rifles through Patrice's briefcase for clues and finds a poker chip inscribed "Macau." Is that a bird? Toucan Sam's nephew?

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