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Skyfall Betrayal

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Betrayal goes hand in gloved hand with the spy game. Spies have to be able to lie, cheat, steal, and betray those who may be close to them. But they also have to be able to take it. And some of them are better at the taking it than they are at dishing it out.

Take Silva in Skyfall, for instance. He can never let go of what he sees as M's betrayal of him. But Bond lets the same actions roll off him, just like the water rolled off his toned back when he came out of the ocean in Casino Royale.

Err, we got distracted. What were we talking about? Oh, that's right: betrayal. Some can take it better than others. We all felt betrayed when Quantum of Solace was so bad, but we forgive Bond. If we can get over that movie, then any other betrayal pales in comparison.

Questions About Betrayal

  1. What hurts Bond most about M's order to shoot (besides the bullet itself)? How is he able to get over his bruised ego and forgive her?
  2. Why isn't Silva able to forgive M? Why does he devote his whole life to getting revenge for her betrayal?
  3. What makes Bond suspicious that Eve might be spying for Mallory? Why would she do that? How would it affect Bond if she were spying for Mallory?
  4. Do either Bond or Silva have a rightful claim that M betrayed them? Or is M absolved from responsibility as a result of her duty to her job and her country?

Chew on This

Spies are hurt more by injuries to their egos than to their bodies. Both Bond and M feel betrayed by people who feel like they can't do their jobs right.

To Silva, the most important thing in life is himself. He can't get over a bruised ego, because an ego is all he has.

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