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Skyfall Old Age

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Old Age

Sean Connery originated the role of Bond as we know it. When he debuted in Dr. No, he was just 32 years old. But time ticks on, even for James Bond; when Connery last played the role, in Never Say Never Again, he was 53.

That's nothing compared to Roger Moore, who played Bond at age 57 in A View to a Kill. More like a view to a hip replacement.

Daniel Craig falls somewhere in the middle. He starred in Casino Royale at age 38. In Skyfall, he was 44. He played Bond again in Spectre when he was 47. How much longer will he keep going? Will he go from Blond Bond to Agent Gray?

Craig is reaching an age when Bonds get phased out—even though the Bond Girls stay the same age. In Skyfall, though, he shows no signs of stopping. Is it something about Craig that makes his tenure as Bond unique? Or are we more comfortable with having a Bond almost as old as the franchise itself?

Questions About Old Age

  1. Is Bond getting too old for the job? On a meta level, is Daniel Craig?
  2. Do you see Silva as older or younger than Bond? What accounts for the difference in age, even though they are biologically only a year apart?
  3. What is a bigger concern about M's ability to do her job: her age, or the amount of time she has spent in the position?
  4. Is Q disrespectful of Bond because of his age, or because he sees him as a grunt? Does Bond unfairly assess Q because of his young age?

Chew on This

Bond and M may be old, but it doesn't mean they're entirely useless. The world needs them, but it also needs them to work together with the younger crew.

At the end of Skyfall, Bond defeats Silva using old tricks and ingenuity, which triumph over technology and flamboyance. The movie's stance is that this old dog doesn't need to learn new tricks.

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