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Sling Blade Melinda (Christy Ward)

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Melinda (Christy Ward)

Price Tag

Melinda is a character who only appears briefly as a comic relief and love interest for Karl. What's her big passion in life? Getting Employee of the Month at the dollar store. We'll let her explain.

MELINDA: Well, when you like pricing items as much as I do, it's just bound to happen sooner or later, I guess.

Thanks, Melinda. That was riveting.

Like Karl, Melinda is simple. She appears to like Karl, bringing him flowers at the repair shop the day after they meet at Vaughan's house, for example. But she's such a brief presence, it's difficult to tell what, if any, impact she has on Karl's life. Could you see them together if Karl didn't have to go back to the hospital?

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