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Sling Blade Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • The next day, Vaughan takes Karl out for lunch.
  • Karl gets his usual: French-fried potaters and mustard.
  • Vaughan admits to Karl that he is gay, but he says he stays in the small town because he cares for Linda and Frank.
  • Vaughan warns Karl that Doyle is a "monster." He says he's tried to tell Linda that Doyle will hurt her someday.
  • Vaughan wants Karl to promise that he won't hurt Frank and Linda.
  • Right now, the only thing that Karl would hurt is those French fries he's tearing up.
  • Vaughan believes that Karl looks like a deep thinker, and he says he wants to know what Karl is thinking.
  • Karl says he's been thinking of French fries and potted meat.
  • Real deep, man. Real deep.

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