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Sling Blade Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Linda, Karl, and Doyle eat dinner while Karl stays in the garage.
  • Linda doesn't understand why Karl won't eat with them.
  • Doyle wants to invite his friends over for a party, despite Linda's desire for a quiet evening.
  • The men form a band on the porch while Karl, Frank, Vaughan, and Linda sit in the yard and watch.
  • Doyle persuades Karl and Vaughan to go with him to the county line to get more liquor.
  • Inside the house, the men drink and talk about songwriting.
  • When the men say they want paying gigs, Doyle gets angry and throws a beer bottle through a window.
  • "I'm the only sane son of a b**** here!" Doyle yells, after screaming at everyone.
  • Doyle kicks everyone out of his house, and Linda emerges from the bedroom to remind Doyle that it's her house, not his—and she wants him out.
  • Doyle pushes Linda, and Frank pushes Doyle back, knocking him to the ground.
  • While Doyle is on the ground, Frank throws pretty much everything in the living room at him—beer cans, bottles, books. We're surprised he doesn't pick up Karl and chuck him, too.

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