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Sling Blade Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Over at the repair shop, Bill tells Woolridge that Karl is getting along at the shop just fine.
  • That night at dinner, Karl meets Melinda, Employee of the Month at the dollar store.
  • Melinda really likes pricing items.
  • Vaughan gives a little speech about caring for everyone at the table. Then he asks Melinda not to tell anyone that Albert was at dinner.
  • Melinda says everyone at the store already knows about Vaughan and Albert.
  • To shut her up, Linda tells Karl to take Melinda out for a walk.
  • Karl walks while Melinda smokes and tries to keep up.
  • The next day, Melinda brings Karl a little bouquet of flowers.
  • Bill and Scooter head to the Frostee Cream so that Karl and Melinda can be alone.
  • Melinda says she enjoyed walking with Karl, even though she got a blister on her heel.
  • Karl has some romantic words for Melinda, like "Blisters sure can hurt" and "Flowers is purdy."
  • Then Melinda leaves. How she could walk away from flirting like that, we'd never know.

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