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Sling Blade Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • When Karl and Frank return home, Doyle is back. Oh, happy day.
  • Doyle says he's there to apologize.
  • Doyle says he doesn't like homosexuals, "wimpy-ass kids," or "retards," but Linda associates with all of them, so he's got to deal with it.
  • Um, does Doyle think this is an apology?
  • Doyle says he'll be spending a lot more time with everyone now, but no one looks happy about it.
  • Linda says, "At least he's tryin'."
  • Linda feels sorry for Doyle because he's had a hard life.
  • Frank reminds Doyle that they have had a hard life, too. And they don't go around breaking windows.

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