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Sling Blade Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Down at the football field, Karl plays ball with Frank and boys his age.
  • On the way home, Karl tells Frank that he's proud of him.
  • Frank seems happy, maybe because that's something he doesn't get to hear from his own father anymore.
  • Speaking of bad fathers, Karl decides to take the afternoon to go look in the old shed where his dad used to keep him.
  • The shed's still there, along with the hole in the floor where Karl slept as a child.
  • Karl enters the family's old run-down house as if he's a location scout for Hoarders or something.
  • Surprisingly, the house isn't empty.
  • Karl's dad is still there, sitting in a chair, talking to himself.
  • Karl introduces himself, but his dad says he "ain't got no boy."
  • Now that's he's read the Bible, Karl says, he knows that the stories his dad used to tell him aren't in there.
  • Karl says he thought about killing his father, but now that he sees how old his father his, he realizes he'll be dead soon enough.
  • Good riddance.
  • Quite the reunion, huh?

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