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Sling Blade Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • In the yard, Karl pays his respects to the rock that marks his young brother's grave.
  • Then Karl walks into Linda and Doyle's bedroom and says he wants to be baptized.
  • Linda and Doyle tell him they'll call the preacher tomorrow.
  • The whole town turns out to see Karl get dipped in the lake.
  • After a hymn, Karl and the family return home, where Doyle is waiting for lunch.
  • Doyle wants Chicken Champ, which seems to be a KFC competitor. Is it finger-lickin' good?
  • Linda goes to get Chicken Champ, leaving Karl and Frank alone with Doyle.
  • Doyle tells Frank the only problem he has is Frank. So he's going to set some rules: 1) Don't speak unless spoken to. 2) Stay the hell out of Doyle's way. 3) Do what a regular kid does. What is that, exactly?
  • Oh, and rule #4: Doyle's kicking out Karl.
  • Frank protests, and Doyle grabs him. Karl grabs Doyle, telling him never to lay a hand on Frank.
  • How much longer do you give it before Karl kills Doyle? The movie has 25 minutes left.

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