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Sling Blade Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Meanwhile, in the office of the institution, a group of student journalists prepare to interview a killer.
  • Mr. Woolridge, the director of the institution, tells the students they can't take any pictures.
  • Mr. Woolridge says that Karl doesn't want his picture taken.
  • Karl turns out not to be the creepy man talking about prostitutes: he's the quiet man prostitute guy has been to.
  • Mr. Woolridge tells Karl he thinks it's a good idea to talk to the journalists. It might help him reacclimatize to the outside world when he's released.
  • In a private room, Woolridge tells the journalist she can't look at Karl or ask him questions during the interview. This is also how Matt Lauer learned to be a journalist.
  • The girl asks, "If he's so troubled, why are you letting him out?" A very good question, indeed.
  • Time's up, according to Mr. Woolridge. Plus, Karl hasn't shown any desire to kill anyone in a while, so he must be okay.

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