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Sling Blade Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • At the laundromat, where Karl is eating his French fries, a boy struggling with big bags of laundry talks to Karl.
  • The boy says his mom works, and his dad is dead.
  • Karl offers to help the kid carry his laundry.
  • On the way to the boy's house, the boy introduces himself as Frank Wheatley.
  • Franks and Wheatleys sound like a dish the Frostee Cream might serve.
  • Anyway.
  • Karl says he just got out of the state hospital after killing some folks.
  • Frank asks if Karl is now well.
  • "I reckon I feel all right," Karl says.
  • Because the killer just released from a mental hospital seems nice, Frank invites him to play football.

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