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Sling Blade Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Karl returns to the state hospital. He wants to go back.
  • But Woolridge won't let Karl back in. That's not how getting released works.
  • Woolridge pitches an idea to Karl: perhaps he can work at a fix-it shop.
  • Mr. Woolridge puts Karl up in his own house for the night, before taking him down to Millsboro the next day.
  • At the fix-it shop, Woolridge introduces Bill and Scooter to Karl.
  • Scooter doesn't have a problem having Karl in the shop. He says he always wanted to kill Jesse Dixon himself.
  • Bill offers Karl minimum wage, an old army cot, and a toilet—better benefits than most jobs offer today.
  • At the end of the day, Bill says Karl did a good job.
  • Bill locks Karl in the store but says maybe someday they'll get him a key.
  • It's not like Karl has a busy social life, anyway.

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