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Sling Blade Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Doyle says he don't "give a s***" that a "retard" is staying in the garage.
  • Yep, Doyle's every bit as charming as Frank said he was.
  • Doyle just wants to make sure that Karl isn't the kind of "retard" who "drools" and "rubs s*** in his hair."
  • Doyle's also worried that Karl may have hacked his family up with a hatchet.
  • No, it wasn't a hatchet. It was a sling blade.
  • Outside, Vaughan finds Karl at the door. He's been standing there for a while without knocking.
  • Vaughan asks Karl out for lunch to talk tomorrow.
  • Vaughan knocks, and Frank is happy to see both him and Karl at the door.
  • Once Vaughan leaves with Linda, Doyle asks Karl to sit down and talk to him about his bag and his books.
  • Then Doyle asks Karl if he chopped someone up with a hatchet.
  • Karl, truthfully, says he never used a hatchet.
  • Karl and Frank retreat to the garage, where Frank says he wants to kill Doyle: "I hate him."
  • Maybe Karl should use a hatchet on Doyle. No one would miss him.

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