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Sling Blade Friendship

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Good friends are hard to find, but who knows how many friendships you've missed out on by writing people off because of their physical appearance, their bad haircuts, or the way they walk or talk?

Oh, well. You live and learn. But some people get it right the first time, like Frank, who is a surprisingly good judge of character for an eleven-year-old. In Sling Blade, he befriends a limping, snarling man with a vicious underbite and a haircut that looks like he did it with his feet. And the two become fast friends, proving that friendship runs deep.

Questions About Friendship

  1. What prompts Frank to extend an offer of friendship to Karl? Why does Karl accept the friendship of someone much younger than he is?
  2. Is Vaughan a good friend to Linda? Is Linda a good friend to Vaughan? Why are these two BFFs?
  3. How does Doyle treat his friends? Why do they decide to hang around him even though they know how he acts?

Chew on This

Karl and Frank are good friends because even though they aren't close in age physically, they are close in age mentally and emotionally.

Doyle manipulates his friends, much in the same way he manipulates Linda, instead of winning them by showing them the good parts of his personality, if he has any.

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