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Slumdog Millionaire Genre

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Drama; Romance

Slumdog Millionaire is most easily classified as a drama. (This movie sure ain't a fun-filled romp about richie riches playing polo and eating shrimp cocktail, after all.) The narrative wrestles with numerous challenging themes, like poverty, violence, morality, and loss of innocence, as our main characters face incredible conflict and strive to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Oof. That sounds heavy, doesn't it? But don't worry. Not only does the throbbing, M.I.A.-infused soundtrack take away from the weight of the Big Issues, but there's a totally swoon-worthy love story at the center of Slumdog.

The romance between Jamal and Latika is the pounding heart that drives the action forward, and gives our characters hope when all is lost. The narrative draws to a close when the two are safely reunited and their destiny together finally realized.

Finally, after so many struggles, these two crazy kids are free to lead a massive Bollywood dance party in the middle of a train station. (As you do.)

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