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Slumdog Millionaire Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Back in the studio, Prem asks his next question: "Which cricketer has scored the most first class centuries in history?"
  • The host hands Jamal a check, explaining that he can walk with the money he has already earned. It's not a small sum. But Jamal hands the check back, compelled to press on. The crowd cheers wildly.
  • We cut back to Jamal at the train station, waiting for Latika. He peers down at the bustling station from a walkway above, searching the bustling crowds for Latika. Eventually he spots her. He yells down, and the two lock eyes.
  • Unfortunately, it isn't long before he spots Salim barreling through the station, in pursuit of Latika. She's unable to escape. They drag her into a car and drive off, with a knife to her head, while Jamal can only pound helplessly on the window.
  • We cut back to Jamal in the studio, as they go to commercial break.
  • In the bathroom, Prem speaks to Jamal. He explains he has a feeling that Jamal will win—and that he was the only person to come from the slums and win. Jamal, however, reveals he doesn't know the answer this time.
  • "You're gonna win," Prem smiles, before leaving. Jamal goes to the mirror where he sees the letter "B." written in the steam.
  • Back on set, Prem, shrouded in shadows, whispers to Jamal: "Do the right thing in approximately three minutes, and you will be as famous as me. And as rich as me." He smiles. "Almost."
  • The lights come up, and the host resumes his plastic smile.
  • Prem repeats the question. Jamal is able to narrow it down to three possible answers, before asking for the 50/50 lifeline. He can choose between "B. Ricky Ponting" or "D. Jack Hobbs."
  • Jamal says "D." much to Prem's surprise. The host tries to convince him otherwise. Jamal reveals he doesn't know the answer, but is insistent on his answer.
  • Of course, much to Prem's dismay, that's the correct answer. The audience erupts.
  • Jamal is in shock, but is able to crack a smile. "Maybe it is written, no?" he cracks, in response to Prem's "tip."
  • It's time for the final question. But just at that moment, the final whistle blows. They will have to resume the following night.

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