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Slumdog Millionaire Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Off set, Prem escorts Jamal outside where he's attacked by several men who drag him into a police van. We meet Constable Srinivas.
  • "He's a cheat," the host says to the producer, even admitting that he fed him an answer. But he's insistent that it doesn't matter—it's his show.
  • In the police station, the inspector finally comes to the decision that Jamal is telling the truth. We're done, he says, sending Jamal on his way.
  • "I went on the show," Jamal explains softly, as the inspector leaves the room, "because I thought Latika would be watching."
  • Sure enough she is—watching the news, with Salim, and the boss man, in his new compound. Is he a genius, the news reporter wonders, or is he a cheat? And will he return tonight for the final question?
  • Salim, uninterested by the scantily clad bar girls dancing around, follows Latika into the other room.
  • "That guy, he'll never give up," Salim concedes to Latika. "Never." He hands her his car keys. She's shocked. "He will kill you," she says. They both know it's true. "I'll take care of him," Salim responds.
  • Salim asks for her forgiveness, and opens the door for her. "Have a good life," he tells her, as she breaks for the car.
  • We cut back to Jamal, as he receives a bucket of water to the face, courtesy of the Constable. "You're back on the show," he grunts.

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