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Slumdog Millionaire Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Back in the slums, Jamal and Salim are on the move again. Jamal asks if anyone knows anything about Latika. Nobody seems to know a thing.
  • Through wide shots of the city, we can begin to see development beginning to take hold—apartment buildings and high-rises are beginning to shoot up from the sprawl of the slums.
  • Salim and Jamal are now working in a restaurant. Jamal declares that he has to go search for Latika.
  • Jamal manages to find the boy who was blinded by Maman. He gives him the $100 dollar bill. "Who's on it," the boy asks skeptically?" "There's an old man… he's bald on top with long hair on the sides, like a girl." "Benjamin Franklin!" the boy exclaims excitedly.
  • The two talk about old times. He mentions that he's looking for Latika. Maman never forgets, the boy reminds him. But he tells Jamal where Latika is, and what they call her: "Cherry."
  • Pila Street, where Latika is said to be, turns out to be something of a red light district. Jamal, accompanied by Salim, searches for Latika.
  • Intercut with their wanderings are scenes of Latika dancing.
  • "Is it her or not?" Salim says, as they look at her through a door. Jamal slams open the door and yells her name. It is her, indeed, and she's thrilled to see him.
  • The boys help her get her things together to escape, but Maman appears in the door. He remembers their names. "I never forget a face," he says ominously.
  • Salim pulls out a gun—a revolver. Maman soon realizes he's not kidding around.
  • "Money," Salim asks. Maman empties his pockets. "Take it. Go. Disappear with your friend and we forget all about this."
  • Salim isn't convinced. "Maman never forgets, isn't that right?" "Maman can make an exception," he says, trembling.
  • "I can't take that risk," Salim declares, shooting him. Latika picks up the money, as Jamal looks on in shock. The three finally make their escape.
  • We cut to Jamal back on the show. "Who invented the revolver?" Prem asks. "Samuel Colt," he declares. He's right.

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