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Slumdog Millionaire Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • We see another flashback, and now Jamal seems to be around his current age. We see him delivering chai to the call center team.
  • One of the customer service agents sits Jamal down, asking him to take over his job for a moment so he can call into "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in the hopes of being a contestant.
  • Everyone in the call center, it seems, calls the show, but to no avail. Jamal, however, reveals that he knows the trick for getting through.
  • Meanwhile Jamal receives a call from a woman in Scotland. He affects a Scottish accent and tries to salvage the call, but ends up hanging up.
  • Using the customer service database, Jamal takes the opportunity to search the name "Latika." Too many names show up. Next he searches "Salim K. Malik" and comes up with a more reasonable list.
  • He begins dialing them, hanging up as soon as he can confirm whether or not it's his brother.
  • He finally gets through to his brother, but freezes—eventually he chickens out and reads the customer service script. Salim, however, recognizes Jamal's voice. "I thought you were dead or something!" Salim says. He reveals they had to leave him that night in the hotel.
  • Back on the show, Prem asks another question: "Cambridge Circus is in which U.K. city?"
  • Thinking back on his experience in the call center—which handled U.K. clients and was U.K. themed – he is able to deduce the correct answer: London.
  • We cut to the show's producers, who are really getting into it.
  • "It's getting hot in here" the host exclaims. "Are you nervous?" asks Jamal, much to the amusement of the crowd.

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