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Slumdog Millionaire Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • We flash back again, as Jamal takes the elevator up into a high-rise (still under construction), where he finds Salim.
  • Jamal fantasizes about tackling his brother off the building, but instead makes the much more reasonable decision to punch him in the face.
  • Salim explains that he had to skip town with Latika to escape from Maman's men. He says he left a message, a claim which Jamal adamantly denies. "I will never forgive you," he declares. "I know," Salim says softly.
  • A little later on, the brothers look out over the city from their vantage point. "That used to be our slum," Salim remarks, pointing down at the development below.
  • Salim explains that he's working as something of an enforcer for Javed Kahn, the slumlord who's transforming the city.
  • Salim sends Jamal to his place. But when asked about Latika, Salim responds that she's "long gone."
  • Salim receives a call in the night. Loading up his gun, and praying, he heads out.
  • Jamal follows him in a motor rickshaw to a gated estate in the middle of the development. After seeing Latika inside, Jamal, always quick on his feet, is able to lie his way into the compound.
  • Opening the door and walking through the house, he rounds the corner to find Latika. The two share a moment, embracing. "I found you," Jamal repeats. He sees that she has bruises on her face.
  • She asks him why he's there, and he simply says, "To see you." (Cue hearts fluttering.)
  • Of course, Jamal hasn't thought past this part of his plan. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" plays on the TV.
  • At that moment, Javed returns. Though things are tense (Latika throws an apron on Jamal), danger is averted, for now. "Make me a sandwich," Javed says, sitting down to watch cricket.
  • Jamal asks her to leave with him now, but it's clear she can't. "Salim will help us," he says. "You still believe in Salim?" she asks skeptically. Latika explains that Javed is planning on moving them out of Mumbai.
  • The sandwich Jamal made was obviously not so good, and Javed, furious, tells Jamal to get out.
  • "Go, before he kills us both," Latika implores. "Do something for me," she continues. "Anything," Jamal responds. "Then forget me," she says.
  • Jamal, desperate, declares that he'll wait at the train station every day at 5 o'clock until she comes. She closes the door.

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