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Slumdog Millionaire Love

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"India is desperately romantic," screenwriter Simon Beaufoy explains, "utterly unashamed of its sentimentality, its generosity, its fierce pride and massive heart. And of all things, only love can overwhelm the seductive narrative of money that threatens to swamp the story." (Source)

As Beaufoy points out, Slumdog Millionaire is, at its core, a love story; it is the relationship between Jamal and Latika that is the pounding heartbeat of the film, the light in the darkness that remains when all hope appears lost. For, as the story shows, love conquers all.

Questions About Love

  1. What might Slumdog Millionaire look like without the love element? Would the story be as effective? Why or why not?
  2. What is responsible for Salim's final act to save Jamal and Latika? Is it an act of love? Or are there other motivations?
  3. Is Slumdog Millionaire sentimental to the point of cheesiness? Or is this sentimentality intentional, and essential to the film's feel?

Chew on This

Slumdog Millionaire is a story about familial love as much as it is about romantic love; the fraternal bond that links Jamal and Salim is just as important to the narrative as Jamal's romance with Latika.

The ending Bollywood-esque dance sequence shows that the greatest love story in this movie is between Jamal and his community.

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