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The Sound of Music Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Maria and the kids are having a puppet show and singing "The Lonely Goatherd" for an audience of the captain, the baroness, and Max. It's a big hit.
  • The puppet show set is a gift from Max. Totally thoughtful gift, right?
  • After the show, Max announces he's found his entry for the Salzburg Folk Festival: the von Trapp family.
  • Captain von Trapp—who hadn't heard about this scheme prior to this moment—puts his foot down. His family does not sing in public.
  • The kids vote on who gets to sing next, and they vote for the captain. He balks at first, but he finally agrees. He sings "Edelweiss."
  • The baroness has a great idea afterwards: he should fill the house with music and have a huge party to introduce her to all his friends.

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