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The Sound of Music Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Maria's outside walking alone after dinner, and the captain watches her from the balcony.
  • The baroness comes outside and finds him gazing at Maria.
  • She tries to strike up a conversation with him, but his mind is somewhere else.
  • She starts chattering about what she wants to get him for a wedding present, where they should go on their honeymoon, etc.
  • He finally stops her, saying "It's no use."
  • He tries to go on, but the baroness stops him so she can break up with him first.
  • She says he might not be the man for her, because she needs someone who needs her (and her money) desperately.
  • She says she's going inside to pack and go back to Vienna, where she belongs. She remarks that somewhere out there in the night, there's a woman she suspects will never be a nun...
  • The captain looks surprised, as if he's just realizing something.

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