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The Sound of Music Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • The captain finds Maria sitting by the gazebo looking sad and pensive. He sits down next to her.
  • He asks her why she left, and then why she came back. She hedges.
  • He says he's hoping that she'll change her mind about leaving.
  • Maria responds that the baroness has things covered, and Georg breaks the news that "There isn't going to be any baroness." Since, you know, he's in love with someone else.
  • They look deeply into each other's eyes and kiss and embrace.
  • It's just so romantic we can't stand it.
  • Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews couldn't stand it either. They kept laughing so much that the whole scene had to be shot in silhouette.
  • The captain declares his love for Maria, and then they break into song ("I Must Have Done Something Good").
  • The song is about how Maria thinks that the captain's love for her must be karma for some good things she's done in her life. Except she doesn't say "karma." She's Catholic.
  • Btw, this song was not in the original stage play. It was written just for the film.
  • They discuss whom the captain should ask for Maria's hand in marriage, other than the Reverend Mother.
  • Naturally, the answer is "the children."

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