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The Sound of Music Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • The church bells pealing from the wedding transition into a more somber bell tolling in the background as Nazis march through Salzburg. Nazis. We hate those guys.
  • We see Herr Zeller getting out of a car and coming to talk to Max, who's practicing a musical number with Captain von Trapp's children.
  • Herr Zeller is kvetching about the fact that there was no Nazi flag outside the von Trapp house. He's remedied the situation.
  • Herr Zeller wants to know when Captain von Trapp will be home. Max indicates that the captain is on his honeymoon and they just don't know.
  • Apparently, the kids are going to be singing at the folk festival tonight.
  • Suddenly, Rolfe appears and shouts for Liesl.
  • Liesl tries to be friendly, asking why he hasn't been by lately, but he blows her off.
  • He says he has more important things to worry about than delivering telegrams to her door.
  • Ouch. Nazism is a real romance-killer.
  • He gives her a telegram from Berlin that she's to give to her father immediately upon his return.
  • When the kids and Max get home, they find that the captain and Maria have returned.
  • Georg's busy ripping down the Nazi flag that Zeller's henchmen apparently put up, and then they all have a happy reunion.
  • The captain informs Max that the kids will absolutely not be singing in the festival tonight.
  • Max and the captain start getting heated over Austrian politics, and Liesl remembers to give the captain the telegram.
  • Max pleads with Maria to influence the captain to at least pretend to cooperate with the Nazis, but Maria refuses to ask her husband to compromise his beliefs.

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