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The Sound of Music Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • It's nighttime, and the von Trapps plus Max are quietly pushing the car away from the house. The plan is to drive to Switzerland.
  • We see Franz watching them from the window. Will he rat them out?
  • As they pass the gates and are about to get in the car, some other cars suddenly turn on their headlights.
  • It's Herr Zeller and his Nazi buddies.
  • Zeller asks if there's something wrong with the captain's car.
  • The captain claims that his car wouldn't start, so a young Nazi assists them in starting it. There's no trouble, naturally, which makes the captain's story pretty suspicious.
  • Herr Zeller says that his orders are to take Captain von Trapp to his new post tonight, and the captain says that that's impossible. The entire family will be singing in the Salzburg Music Festival.
  • Herr Zeller doesn't quite seem to believe them (shocker), but he decides to let them stay and perform, and then he'll take Captain von Trapp to his new post.
  • Zeller sees the P.R. possibilities in letting the family sing. Everyone will see how nothing's changed in Austria. It's all good.
  • They get in their respective cars and go to the festival.

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