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The Sound of Music Scene 29

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Scene 29

Scene 29

  • As the von Trapps are onstage singing, the camera pans over all the uniformed Nazis guarding the festivities.
  • They're the only ones not enjoying the program. Guess they teach you not to smile in Nazi school.
  • The family finishes "Do-Re-Mi," and Captain von Trapp launches into "Edelweiss."
  • He motions for the audience to join in, which they enthusiastically do.
  • Except the Nazis. They're definitely not happy about it.
  • The captain's overcome with emotion halfway through, since he's singing about his homeland on the very evening he's leaving.
  • Maria and the kids come out and help him finish the song.
  • Max announces that the von Trapps will do an encore, and that this will be the last time the family will perform together for a while.
  • He explains that Captain von Trapp is being called up to serve with the Third Reich, and there are disapproving grumbles.
  • As he exits the stage, Max tells the family he thinks the plan will work, and that he'll miss them and the money he could've made off them.
  • The entire family performs "So Long, Farewell." Ironic, right?
  • Max then comes out to announce the winners of the festival.
  • 3rd and 2nd prize are announced, and the winners come out to accept.
  • He announces the first prize, which goes to the von Trapps. No one appears.
  • He announces it again. Still nobody.
  • Instead, a Nazi comes running in and says that the von Trapps are gone.

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