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The Sound of Music Scene 30

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Scene 30

Scene 30

  • The Nazis have arrived at the abbey where the von Trapps are hiding.
  • Reverend Mother moves the family through the abbey to a better hiding spot while another nun calmly answers the bell.
  • Herr Zeller and some Nazis storm in to search the abbey.
  • Meanwhile, Reverend Mother is hiding them in the graveyard behind some huge gravestones.
  • She tells them that the Germans have closed the borders.
  • New plan: drive to the border and walk over the mountains to Switzerland.
  • As they crouch in hiding, Gretl asks if they should sing, and Maria says absolutely not. She tries to keep everyone very, very quiet.
  • They cower behind gravestones protected by a locked gate as the Nazis come up there to search.
  • They shine their flashlights into the area where the von Trapps are hiding.
  • One group of Nazis leaves, but then another soldier comes up. It's Rolfe. Liesl gives a little gasp.
  • Rolfe hears it.
  • Rolfe catches them in his flashlight, and the captain sends the kids and Maria away as he confronts the boy.
  • Even though Rolfe threatens to kill him, von Trapp correctly guesses Rolfe won't shoot and manages to disarm him. Rolfe even looks despondent.
  • But when the captain says, "You'll never be one of them," Rolfe gets angry enough to shout to the others that he found the family.
  • The von Trapps escape in a car, and the Nazis go back to their own vehicles to give chase.
  • Their cars won't start. The nuns have removed the distributor wires. Yay, nuns.
  • They sheepishly admit their "sin" to the Reverend Mother. We're guessing she doesn't mind.

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