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The Sound of Music Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • The butler takes Maria into the hall. He disappears to go get the captain, and Maria takes the opportunity to snoop around.
  • She opens one of the doors to peek into the house's ballroom. She starts dancing… until the captain appears in the doorway.
  • He very sternly tells her that some rooms are not to be disturbed.
  • Maria and the Captain start to get acquainted out in the hall. It doesn't go so well. The captain doesn't like her dress.
  • Maria learns she's the 12th governess the children have had. The last one only stayed 2 hours.
  • She wants to know what's wrong with the children. The captain claims there's nothing wrong with the children… only the governesses. That makes sense.
  • He gives her the rundown on the house rules, and it sounds like he runs a very tight ship.
  • He blows a whistle, and suddenly the children appear at the top of the stairs and march down. They're all dressed in identical-ish sailor outfits.
  • He introduces each of the children to Maria. They each have their own personal whistle signal.
  • He tries to get Maria to use the whistle, but she balks. Then he tries to assign her a whistle signal, and she absolutely refuses. Whistles are for dogs, not people. Bold move, Maria.
  • When the captain asks if she was this much trouble at the abbey, she says, "Oh, no, much more."
  • The captain leaves, and Maria tries to get to know the kids.
  • She makes the mistake of telling them she hasn't been a governess before; the kids exchange mischievous looks.
  • They give her all kinds of bogus advice that's sure to get her in trouble.
  • Gretl, the youngest, tells her to ignore it all, though, because she likes Maria right away. She hasn't learned how to be snarky yet.
  • Fraulein Schmidt enters and offers to show Maria to her room.
  • On her way upstairs, she finds a frog in the pocket of her dress.

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