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Spellbound Dr. Alexander Brulov (Michael Chekhov)

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Dr. Alexander Brulov (Michael Chekhov)

Dr. Alexander Brulov is basically Yoda with a beard and a German accent. Seriously, watch the film again and imagine him as shorter and greener with bigger ears. Instead of "This is the way science goes backward," he would say, "This is the way backward science goes." It totally works.

And why does it totally work? It totally works because mentor-figures in films tend toward the same archetype. They're old, they're wise, and they're cute in their snarkiness. You're supposed to listen to them and say, "Aww, isn't that adorably Buddha-like," even when they say poisonous, sexist nonsense like,

BRULOV: Women make the best psychoanalysts till they fall in love. After that they make the best patients.

So yes, Brulov's annoying. But you know somewhere in that beard he's got a light saber. So you have to love him.

Bonus: he helps Constance delve into Ballantyne's fevered brain and figure out the true story behind his amnesia, fainting spells, and deep fear of the color white.

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