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Spellbound Dr. Fleurot (John Emery)

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Dr. Fleurot (John Emery)

Dr. Fleurot wants to sweep Constance off her feet and whisk her off to romantic bliss. Unfortunately, he's played by John Emery, rather than by Gregory Peck, and so his sweeping fails.

Also, he's a condescending, sexist jerk, so that may be part of why Constance isn't that into him. Seriously, see for yourself:

FLEUROT: You're a sweet, pulsing, adorable woman underneath. I sense it every time I come near you.

CONSTANCE: You sense only your own desires and pulsations. I assure you, mine in no way resemble them.

That's an epic takedown right there. If Fleurot were half as smart as he thinks he is, he would have taken that rebuff and crawled under an analyst's couch and not come out for the remainder of the film.

He isn't half that smart, though, so he keeps walking around, being John Emery and wishing he were Gregory Peck. You almost feel bad for him… but not really.

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