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Spellbound Scene 1

Scene 1

Scene 1

  • The first thing you see on-screen is a quote from Julius Caesar (by Shakespeare) about how our faults aren't in our stars but in ourselves. Or, in other words, your brain makes trouble for you. Stupid brain.
  • Spellbound is worried that you don't know enough about psychoanalysis, so the film starts with a handy explanation, in the form of text scrolling down the screen.
  • The test says that psychoanalysis gets you to talk about your hidden problems. When you understand your hidden problems, everything is cool, and reasonableness reins supreme.
  • If Freud could read this account of psychoanalysis, he'd weep and shake his fist and chew his beard.
  • Luckily he's dead, so Hollywood can't torment him.

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