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Spellbound Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • The scene is the Empire State Hotel. Constance is looking around the lobby in confusion.
  • Watch the elevator; Hitchcock comes out of it smoking a cigar and holding a violin case. That's his cameo in the film; he always has one.
  • Constance sits down on a couch; a man smoking sits close by, crowding her.
  • He says he's from Pittsburgh; Constance tries to ignore him, but he's insistent.
  • He also seems to be drunk.
  • He's kind of like Fleurot, albeit slightly less unpleasant.
  • The house detective comes up and drives him off.
  • That house detective is a problem himself now, though; he's trying to figure out what Constance is up to.
  • But, he's so certain he knows what she's there for that she can fool him easily.
  • She just plays along and pretends she's a schoolteacher who's had a fight with her husband and has come to make up with him.
  • He says he's a psychologist; pretty funny, since of course she's a real psychologist (or plays one in the movie, anyway).
  • Anyway, she describes JB and gets the detective to check the records for him.
  • While he's away doing that the drunk from Pittsburgh comes back. He's persistent.
  • The detective comes back and drives off drunk Pittsburgh guy.
  • The detective shows Constance the handwriting of a bunch of folks who registered the morning previously, and she figures out that JB is staying there under the name John Brown.
  • And up to his room she goes.
  • JB says she should go away, but the love theme comes up, so there you have it.
  • They kiss. Aww.
  • Cut to a little later on, with Constance trying to analyze him and asking him about his childhood.
  • He doesn't remember if he has a wife (much to Constance's relief).
  • But he does seem to be a doctor.
  • He feels certain that he's the patient who visited Edwardes in the Cumberland Mountains.
  • He also thinks he killed Edwardes and hid the body.
  • Constance says he's in the grip of a guilt fantasy rooted in his childhood.
  • She sees that his hand was burned and asks him to remember where.
  • But he faints instead.
  • There's a buzz at the door. They're both startled but then Constance remembers she ordered the paper.
  • Constance's picture is on the front page. Whoops!
  • The delivery guy recognizes her before he goes away, and she realizes they have to leave immediately.
  • They come down and walk across the lobby… and out the door.
  • The delivery guy is talking to the house detective and shows him Constance's picture. The house detective looks really put out at having been fooled.

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