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Spellbound Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • This scene is in a railroad station.
  • Constance tries to get JB to remember where he went with Edwardes and to ask for the same tickets as when they were traveling together.
  • He looks very distressed; she's going to provoke a scene, which seems like a bad idea when they're on the run.
  • JB gets to the ticket counter and the theremin sounds comes up to let you know he's in distress.
  • He asks for tickets to Rome. So they get tickets for Rome, Georgia, while JB passes out.
  • They go to the Rome train, brushing off help from a policeman who seems a little suspicious.
  • Constance says they're going to ditch the tickets to Rome and instead go to Rochester. That way the policeman who helped them won't be able to set the cops on their track.
  • Dr. Brulov, Constance's old teacher, is in Rochester.
  • Constance and Ballantyne flirt and kiss before getting on the train; the ticket-taker looks a little suspicious for some reason, but doesn't stop them.
  • On the train, Constance tries to get JB to remember more.
  • He tells her that when she psychoanalyzes him he dislikes her.
  • She explains that it's a defense mechanism, as his illness resists being cured.
  • She says they know that he's a doctor, that he was going to Rome, and that he burned his hand.
  • She asks him to remember, but he looks out and sees the train tracks.
  • He remembers that he was in the Air Force and had to bail out of his plane during an attack near Rome, injuring his arm (this would have been during World War II, which ended a few months before the film came out).
  • He says he hated the army and hated killing.
  • Constance says his guilt fantasies were triggered by being a soldier, and he gets really mean and calls her smug.
  • She asks him not to be mean.

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