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Spellbound Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • It's night at Dr. Brulov's door. Constance says she's going to tell him they're on their honeymoon.
  • Brulov is out though, so they go to wait for him. Two men are already waiting.
  • They're police. So this is awkward.
  • The phone rings, and one of the police guys picks it up and whispers something to his buddy.
  • Dr. Brulov comes in; Constance give him a hug.
  • The police introduce themselves and say they're looking for information about Dr. Edwardes.
  • Brulov is cranky because he already gave them information about Edwardes.
  • Brulov says he and Edwardes disagreed. Edwardes tried to cure patients by taking them skating or bowling.
  • Hmmph, Brulov says. That is silliness. The only real way to cure people is to show them my beard.
  • The police go out.
  • Constance tells Brulov she's married to John Brown; he congratulates her and offers to let them stay.
  • There is much more cute mugging by Brulov before they go to their room.
  • JB thinks that Brulov may suspect something.
  • Then there is kissing and the love theme. Can't have kissing without the love theme.
  • They agree that they won't sleep together, just to make sure the Hollywood censors don't get upset.
  • And then JB sees some of those parallel lines that always set him off; these are on the bedspread.
  • And, yep, there's the theremin to tell you something creepy is going on.
  • Oops, and there he goes fainting again. JB does a lot of fainting for a Hollywood leading dude.

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