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Spellbound Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Constance wakes up and hurries downstairs, where she sees Brulov slumped in a chair.
  • The music tells you he's dead or injured. Sneaky music.
  • But he's fine; he just fell asleep in the chair.
  • JB is asleep on the couch. Brulov says he knew all along that JB is a paranoid patient.
  • He explains that he gave JB bromide to knock him out, and that he found a razor in his hand.
  • Constance assures him that JB isn't dangerous, Brulov argues with her, in part by being a sexist jerk and saying women are illogical.
  • We got rid of Fleurot, but we need someone to be a sexist jerk, so Brulov takes on the role, apparently.
  • Brulov says that he's going to call the police.
  • She says that if there's a police investigation the shock could destroy JB.
  • Mostly this seems like an excuse not to call the police so the film can keep doing its man-on-the-run thing. But okay.
  • "I couldn't feel this way toward a man who was bad," she says. Brulov is skeptical, which seems fair enough.
  • But he agrees not to turn JB in, because he's a softie, even if he is also kind of a jerk.
  • Constance goes off to make coffee and breakfast. Meanwhile, Brulov wakes JB up and tells him he knows he's an amnesiac.
  • He also asks him if he can remember anything, or if he had a dream.
  • JB resists talking about his dream, which makes cranky Brulov cranky.
  • Brulov says that people hide truths about themselves from themselves, but dreams tell the truth all mixed-up.
  • So Brulov and Constance are going to read the dream and understand the secrets.
  • JB's convinced, and he sits back in the chair to tell his dream (Constance came back in to take notes).

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